Archived On the Mountain

Secure . Offline . Encrypted

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If needed, can data be retrieved in person.  
    Yes. Please contact us to schedule at least two business days in advance. A passport will be required.
  • What types of files can I put in my archive?  
    All standard file types, including image files and audio files.
  • How long does it take to retrieve the data?  
    The time will vary from a minimum of 48 hours to a maximum of five business days. It will depend on the retrieval service chosen and the quantity of data requested. All data files are stored offline and it is a manual process to retrieve them from the archive and make them available online or for shipping via courier.

  • The below information applies to clients using our online data deposit system.

  • What if the password to the files is lost?  
    The files are cannot be recovered. We never have access to the passwords for your files.
  • Is every file encrypted individually?  
    Yes. Every file is encrypted and can be given a unique password. There is also the option to lock many files with the same password.
  • Is any software required?  
    No. All services can be used from any computer, web-enabled mobile device, including tablets and mobile phones. There is no software to install or required 'apps'.
  • Is it possible to verify that data is encrypted?  
    Yes. Prior to archiving it is easy to verify that all data is encrypted for any of your files. Contact your representative.