The Safest Option

For Your Data Archives


  • Data can be transferred to us online or via any international courier such as DHL or Fedex.
  • Each data deposit is given a unique identifier (deposit number) and specifies the person or persons authorized to retrieve it or destroy it.
  • Once received at the mountain, we create two copies of the data which can no longer be modified. Each copy is transferred to a separate offline storage archive.


  • Clients requests withdrawals by referencing the unique identifier that the data was given upon the initial deposit (deposit number). The originals or a copy of the originals are returned to the client via international courier.
  • Data withdrawals are separate transactions and are subject to separate fees.


  • A data destruction request will be processed within one business day and the indicated data will be physically destroyed.
  • Data at the end of the deposit term will be destroyed automatically.
  • There are no fees for data destruction.