Archived On the Mountain

Secure . Offline . Encrypted

A Simple System

  •   To Deposit Data  
    Data can be transferred to us online or via courier.
  • Clients have access to an easy to use online system that will upload and automatically encrypt the data with passwords that the client chooses.
  • In North America, Asia, and Europe a pickup service via secure courier is available for deposits. Within 48 hours the data will arrive at the mountain.
  • Once received, we create two copies of the data. Each copy is transferred to a separate offline storage archive for 8 years.
  • The deposited data is given a unique identifier and specifies the person or persons authorized to retrieve it or destroy it.
  •   To Withdraw Data  
    Once a withdrawal is requested with the unique identifier, we can make it available for download or we can arrange for it to be returned to the client via secure courier.
  • Data withdrawals are separate transactions and are subject to separate fees.
  •   To Destroy Data  
    A data destruction request , will be processed within one business day. The data will be physically destroyed.
  • Data at the end of the deposit term will be destroyed automatically.
  • There are no fees for data destruction.